Stonetrade® has been the exclusive United States importer of Mariana Soapstone™ for almost 30 years.

The original Mariana Soapstone quarry has now closed.    The Barroca Soapstone quarry, which we have supplied since 2008, is also currently closed.

Vista Soapstone (New Quarry!)

Our current 1st choice soapstone variety, Vista Soapstone, is a true Soapstone, with a gentle pattern of dark and light veining that gives life and texture to the stone. Big clean slabs are readily available, and best of all, this stone is so sound and strong that no resin or net is required.

Stonetrade is constantly visiting quarries and factories worldwide to locate new sources of Soapstone.

About “Hard Soapstone”

Be careful about “hard soapstones” or “black soapstones” that are being offered elsewhere on the market: most of these are not true soapstones at all but rather, schists, serpentines or other kinds of rocks. They have very different characteristics than true soapstone, and often are heavily fractured and repaired with resin.

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How to Buy

We ship full containers of soapstone slabs direct from Brazil, delivered to any destination throughout the US and Canada.

Our exclusive arrangements with the quarries allows us to sell below market prices for soapstone, and unlike “spot sellers”, our stone will have consistent texture and quality from order to order.

If you are a fabricator looking to buy single slabs or bundles of slabs, we would be happy to direct you to our nearest regional distributor.

If you are looking for soapstone countertops for your house, contact us for the name of an installer.

Please contact us if you would like more information!