For centuries, Soapstone has been used to make sinks. Soapstone’s resistance to staining, its durability and heat-retention made it the hands-down winner for utility or “farmhouse” sinks before the arrival of stainless steel. Nowadays most Soapstone sinks are bought for their looks and authentic country style. A new option is the Soapstone Vanity Bowl, taking advantage of the wonderful feel of turned Soapstone. They are surprisingly affordable.

Founded almost 150 years ago, our friends at the Vermont Soapstone Company have been manufacturing farmhouse sinks, either glued together in the traditional way or carved from a solid block of stone. Every sink they make comes with a 100% guarantee. If you are interested in a farmhouse or vanity sink for your own home or for the home of your client, please contact Vermont Soapstone.

Contact Us today for more information on any of our stones.

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