A sedimentary rock that splits naturally on its bedding planes, Sandstone is a beautiful and inexpensive paving and cladding material.

True sandstone is composed primarily of quartz grains, and so is very hard. But it typically has high porosity and a relatively low compressive strength, so it is best used in residential or light commercial applications. Caution is merited using sandstone in climates with repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Certain types of quartzitic sandstone, such as Safari, Cadet Gray, or Plum are much stronger and less porous than other types.

However, some of the softer, more porous types, like Crab Orchard, Woodgrain, Rainbow or Teakwood, have jaw-dropping patterns and colors that can really make an artistic statement, when used correctly.

Our primary sources for sandstone are India and China.

In the US, the most popular types of sandstone are sold as Brownstone or Bluestone. We have excellent sources of both types.

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