Jerusalem Stone has been quarried for millennia in the Holy Land: it gives the ancient city of Jerusalem its golden color.

It has been frequently imported to the USA for use in synagogues, but this wonderful material is also an excellent choice for secular buildings. A great example is the soon to be completed Boston B2 Police Station in Dudley Square.

The architects, Leers Weinzapfel Associates, chose Jerusalem Gold as a thick cladding in a honed finish. The building almost glows against the Boston skyline.

The cladding was installed by our customer Costa Masonry of Fairhaven, MA.

Jerusalem Stone is a dolomitic limestone, extremely dense and more resistant to weathering than oolitic limestones. Besides the Gold shade, it is also available in a taupe-gray color, which is extremely hard and is the paving stone of the plaza in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Our Jerusalem Stone should not be confused with other yellow or beige limestones from Israel or the West Bank, which do not have the same qualities.

Stonetrade® imports Jerusalem Stone by special order for commercial and large residential projects – please contact us for more information.