Basalt is a volcanic rock – an extremely tough material suitable for vehicular or pedestrian traffic, either as a cobblestone or a paver.

It is available in shades of gray, from medium gray to almost black. Tonal variation can best be achieved by using different finishes, such as flamed, waterblasted, brushed, honed, bush-hammered, or scarpoletto.

It can also be used for building cladding, as we supplied for Philips Exeter Academy’s New Field House.
This project, completed in 2017, involved several thousand square feet of our Crystal Black Basalt in a variety of finishes.

One variety of Basalt, called “Lava stone” is full of holes (gas vesicles from when the lava cooled) which makes for a fascinating texture and a lightweight building stone.

Stonetrade sources Basalt from various countries.

Varieties of Basalt we have worked with include:

Waia Black Basalt
Inca Black Basalt
Crystal Black Basalt
Pompeii Black Basalt
Lava Stone
Mongolian Black Basalt
Hainan Basalt
Vietnamese Basalt
Zhangpu Basalt

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