• black-basalt-split-6-350x263
    Black Basalt, Split
  • basalt-vehicular-entry-350x263
    45 Province Street, Downtown Boston, MA
  • basalt-longview-350x467
    45 Province Street, Downtown Boston, MA
  • basalt-dark-flamed-350x346
    Dark Basalt - flamed
  • basalt-dark-bushham-350x326
    Dark Basalt - Bush-hammered
  • basalt-dark-scarpo-350x308
    Dark Basalt - Scarpoletto
  • Basalt-steps-pavers-350x263
    Basalt Steps
  • flamed-basalt-vs-bushhammered-350x263
    Flamed Basalt vs Bushhammered
  • black-basalt-pavers
  • black-basalt-pavers2

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Basalt is a volcanic rock – an extremely tough material suitable for vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Available for projects in a variety of finishes, including flamed, honed, bushhammered and scarpoletto.

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