Fire Clay Bricks vs. All Natural Soapstone Firebrick

Are you comparing Traditional Fire Clay Bricks with imported all-natural Soapstone Firebrick?

Why settle for ordinary Fire Clay Bricks, when you can have the luxury of imported all natural Soapstone Firebrick

Traditional Ceramic Fire Clay Bricks

Imported All Natural Soapstone Firebrick

Mariana Soapstone Firebrick:
A fireplace liner of natural stone.

You’ve chosen the perfect mantel & surround – why not design your fireplace using the dove gray beauty of Soapstone bricks instead of fire clay bricks?

Soapstone bricks’ special mineral properties make it ideal for lining fireplaces. Soapstone is a refractory material: it can withstand high temperatures without cracking.

It is also extremely dense and has a high thermal capacity, so it holds heat and radiates it slowly for hours, improving fireplace efficiency.

But perhaps the best thing is the look: a soft gray firebrick with natural veining & texture. It is a real upgrade to ordinary fire clay brick.  And after all, what part of a fireplace do you look at most: the firebox! Soapstone bricks will make a beautiful back drop to your next fire.

Our Soapstone bricks is suitable for use with both gas and wood burning fireplaces, and is often used to line the interiors of Isokern™ or FireRock™ fireplaces.

We stock our Soapstone bricks (which is much better than fire clay bricks) in four different sizes, and we ship nationwide. Send us an email, or use the inquiry form at the bottom of this page to get prices, installation tips, layout guides, and a calculator that will show you how many soapstone firebricks you would need for your project.


Mariana Soapstone™ Firebrick FAQ

Stonetrade® pioneered the reintroduction of Soapstone bricks for the US dimensional stone market in 1991. We are the exclusive importers of Mariana Soapstone™, the best variety of soapstone on the market, which has been featured on TV and in print. No one imports more Soapstone bricks and understands the material better than Stonetrade®.

If you’d like information about any of the stones on this website, or would like to discuss your project or idea, please contact us. We are open Monday through Friday, 9-5 pm, US East Coast Time.

Be sure to tell us which stone you are interested in, or what application you need stone for. An idea of the quantity required is helpful, and your location is essential (city and state or province is enough).

Source your Soapstone bricks from Stonetrade:

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  • A Great Alternative to Fire clay bricks

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