Since 1978, Stonetrade has been importing a full range of natural stones from all over the world.

We work with architects, owners, masons and general contractors to identify and supply cut to size stone, direct from overseas. Tell us your desired application, color and texture, and we can supply the perfect stone for your project.

Soapstone transforms your space with timeless beauty

Stonetrade is the leading importer of Soapstone Fire Bricks and other cut-to-size stone for building projects. Stonetrade pioneered the reintroduction of Soapstone to the U.S. market as the exclusive importer of Mariana Soapstone, the finest variety available. This beautiful dove-grey metamorphic rock has mineral properties that are ideal for interaction with fire and heat.

Mariana Soapstone Fire Bricks

These bricks absorb and retain heat for long periods of time, but do not crack or spall as easily as other stone. This makes our bricks an ideal choice to line your fireplace and add a beautiful finish to your mantle.
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Soapstone Slabs and Tiles

Slabs and tiles have a gentle pattern of dark and light veining that brings life and texture to any structure. These large, clean slabs are so sound and strong that no resin or net is required.
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Soapstone Wood Stoves

Woodstoves lined with soapstone hold heat far better than iron or steel stoves. We work with the finest craftsmen to create stoves that will heat your entire home.
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Soapstone, Marble, Granite and more: Stonetrade will search every corner of the globe for your perfect stone.

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Recent Projects Stonetrade has supplied

If you’d like information about any of the stones on this website, or would like to discuss your project or idea, please contact us. We are open Monday through Friday, 9-5 pm, US East Coast Time.

Be sure to tell us which stone you are interested in, or what application you need stone for. An idea of the quantity required is helpful, and your location is essential (city and state or province is enough).

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