Ledge Stone Veneer Panels

Until now, installing dry stack natural stone has required a skilled mason, plenty of time, and heavy duty concrete footings or ledges. But now:

Sage Green Dry Stack Ledge Stone Veneer Panel Fireplace

Ledge Stone Veneer Panels mean a super quick installation with an amazing finished look. Instead of traditional "stone by stone" installation, the panels can be quickly applied like tiles, swiftly covering large areas. Best of all, being lightweight, they can go right up on a stud wall, without special footings, foundations or metal anchors.

The pre-assembled, lightweight panels are made of strips of real, natural stone, bonded to each other with dabs of epoxy. Unlike "cultured" (aka fake) stone veneers, which are made out of colored cement, our natural stone will not fade, and every piece is unique, with natural mineral texture and colors.

Back of Dry Stack Ledge Stone Veneer Panels

Seven Color Ranges:

Sage Green

A fresh gray-green with sparkling mica crystals, set off beautifully by white walls. Sage Green is a quartzite: a super-hard, metamorphic rock

Multicolor Slate

Rich, dark red brown tones work well with mahogany, cherry and other wood colors. Instant gravitas for any room.

Narragansett Granite

Real granite on a cement backing for true natural stone colors, shapes and textures.

Alpine White Marble

Bright, white marble with just a touch of gray veining for a clean, fresh look.

Sparkle Black Quartzite

A dark charcoal gray color with a crystal sparkle that gives it life, this is the perfect, dramatic stone for a contemporary accent wall.

Appalachian Gray Granite

Crisp salt & pepper gray granite for a classic New England look.


Old world colors: beiges, browns and cream tones, with natural patina and texture. The subtle color palette means this stone will go with almost any décor.

Sage Green

Sage Green House Exterior

Sage Green

Sage Green Fireplace

Multicolor Slate

Multicolor Slate

Multicolor Slate

Alpine White Marble

Alpine White Marble

Sparkle Black Quartzite

Appalachian Granite

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Technical Details

Each panel is 24" × 6", and only about 1" thick, which means they are less than 15 lbs/sf and meet UBC and IBC codes for mounting on stud walls without footings or mechanical anchorage. Simply mud-set the panels on metal lath screwed to concrete backer-board, stagger the joints, and the seams between the panels disappear. Because you are working with exactly sized panels, there is no individual fitting of stones or the need to fill wide seams with grout. Panels can be trimmed to length on an ordinary tile saw with a diamond blade.

Dry Stack Ledge Stone Veneer XR (Corner) Piece We also have corner pieces that wrap 6" around corners or into a firebox. The corners are made from thick, solid stones, cut from behind into a L shape, not mitred or glued.

Two piece corner set, Alpine White and Sparkle Black only Two piece corner set, Alpine White, Sparkle Black and Travertine only.

How to get Prices and Place an Order

Dry Stack Ledge Stone Veneer Interlock Panels

We ship nationwide. Our minimum order is 60 square feet. Send us an email with how many square feet you need to cover. Remember to add 5-10% extra stone for cutting waste. If you have outside corners to cover, let us know how many linear feet (measured vertically) of corners you'll need.

For a freight quote to your location, we'll need to know your town, state, zip code, and if we are shipping to a residence or a business. Lift-gate pallet unloading to curbside is available in many locations. Once we have all this info, we'll send you an all-inclusive quote by email, along with payment instructions. We accept checks, money orders or PayPal (some restrictions apply).

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