Granite for Monuments & Mausoleums

Stonetrade has been deeply involved with the American and Canadian monument and cemetery industry since 1981. Beyond monuments and grave markers, our stone has been used for custom granite war memorials, as well as private columbariums and mausoleums.

Holy Family Mausoleum, St. Charles Cemetery, Farmingdale, NY

mausoleum-southeast-250x333Salt & Pepper Gray, Dune Yellow and Crystal Black Granite Split Face 3 ½” thick ashlar

This mausoleum was completed during the spring of 2011 and required several thousand square feet of 3 ½” thick split face ashlar, including custom shaped archway pieces.



Colonial Pink Memorial. Courtesy Dixie Granite, Elberton, Georgia

Sawn Slabs for Monument Fabrication

Since 1980 we’ve been supplying the monument industry in the US and Canada with granite blocks and slabs. Our clients are mostly in Beebe, Quebec; Elberton, Georgia; and Barre, Vermont but we will ship monument slabs to any location.

Pitch Black Granite is our highest quality absolute black granite. It’s particularly well suited for laser etching, with a very high contrast. We offer Pitch Black in full container quantities of polished 1 slabs, so you can be sure of the quality on arrival. Unlike rough blocks of black granite, pre-cut and polished slabs mean no surprises, no hidden veins or cracks.


Pitch Black Granite Monument Slabs arrival inspection, Quebec

P.G. Red is the industry benchmark for red granite. Strong vibrant color, deep blue quartz, excellent contrast – there’s nothing better. We’ve imported it since 1991 in blocks and slabs.

PG Red Monument Slabs

We will custom source colored granites for our clients on request.

Our slabs are sawn with diamond wire or blades, with generous over-thickness and careful attention to straightness. Standard thicknesses are 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ and 14 ½”. We pick the best rises to give you optimum yield. We understand the monument industry and can address your needs.